My Goodness…

It didn’t actually take that long to recover from gallbladder surgery! I just got really slack – and the garden was pretty awful for a while there and life here was really busy – so I just didn’t post.

But a lot has happened in the interim.  We have a new addition to the clan, Buster (pictured) who arrived on the scene about 6 weeks ago – he’s a very good boy but does have a penchant for digging holes or rather craters in the back yard. Ironically he doesn’t dig at all at the farm where he has 250 acres to go crazy on. Go figure. He’s a pretty submissive Kelpie who is coming along in leaps and bounds in regards to confidence and coming out of his shell, but the cats have him well and truly stitched up.

In October J and I decided to commune in domestic bliss in the city – so the cats and I packed up and moved across town.

The knocked up ewes that I mentioned in my last post gave birth to almost 90 lambs  and we’ve had the joy of castrating, de-tailing (I’m sure theres a technical term for that) and shearing them (I was chief dag sweeper)  here’s some lovely pictures of those adventures  HERE

Em x



Old crazy ears Buster Dog

3 responses to “My Goodness…

  1. Em, you are living the life! Glad to see it is all going so well. You bloody well deserve it. I was reading your post and thinking back a few years and I’m glad to say I am the Nostradamus of the east – I did say it would all work out. Mind you, lamb’s bollocks did not feature in the crystal ball, for some weird reason…

  2. You are indeed a soothsayer. Yes much has changed in 6 or so years thankfully all for the better! Hope all is well with you

  3. Wow, you have been busy!

    So glad you are all recovered from your op!

    Buster has actually made me think twice about my general aversion to dogs. He is just too sweet!

    Emma 🙂

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